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Understanding Noncompete Agreements and Their Limits

It has become common for companies to require high-level executives, sales and technology professionals, and other workers to sign noncompete agreements — sometimes called “covenants not to compete” — as a condition of employment.

At Cornell & Associates PA, we’ve seen many Weston employees sign these contracts without fully understanding their meaning and restrictions in practical terms. In reality, not all noncompete agreements are enforceable by law.

Questions About A Noncompete? We Have Answers.

Have you been told you must sign a noncompete agreement or a comprehensive employment contract containing competitive restrictions to secure a new job? Perhaps you have a new job offer and need to know whether your current employer could sue you for violating a noncompete agreement if you take it. We address complex issues for clients throughout Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and other South Florida counties.

Trusted, Counsel For Individuals And Employers

In recent years, the enforceability of noncompete agreements has been a very active area of employment law and litigation. Whether you are an individual employee or a business leader grappling with a competitive issue or dispute, it is essential to seek counsel from a lawyer familiar with prior landmark decisions that may impact your case, so they can:

  • Analyze any noncompete agreement from both practical and legal perspectives
  • Assess whether a proposed contract is overly restrictive in terms of the period covered, geographic scope and/or prohibited activities
  • Advise and represent clients in negotiations and litigation when necessary to resolve disputes over noncompete agreements and alleged theft or misuse of proprietary data
  • Draft solid noncompete agreements and other employment contracts that are reasonable and enforceable under current laws

Our founding attorney Ware Cornell, a veteran of approximately 200 trials in state and federal courts, has the knowledge and experience to effectively navigate these issues.

Get The Help You Need

At Cornell & Associates PA in Weston, we know that you may be dealing with pivotal, time-sensitive decisions likely to affect your career and financial well-being for years to come.

To discuss your needs involving a noncompete, contractual obligations or any other employment law matter, please call 954-271-0554 or email us and request a consultation.