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Clear Counsel For Sexual Harassment Claims

Even in an era when many employers make some effort to educate employees on sexual harassment, this behavior remains pervasive. Victims of sexual harassment in the workplace face severe emotional distress and, in many cases, financial losses and adversity. They also face intimidating decisions involving whether to complain internally or take legal action.

Cornell & Associates PA understands the difficulties Broward County employees face when dealing with these scenarios. Attorney Ware Cornell’s decades of experience in the courts and commitment to staying on the leading edge of employment law will guide you through your options to determine if you have a potential case.

Experienced Analysis And Straight Talk On Your Legal Options

There are general perceptions about what constitutes sexual harassment — and then there are actual legal definitions and court decisions. Key issues we address for South Florida employees and employers include:

  • Whether unwanted touching, demands for sexual favors, tolerance of a hostile work environment or other activities justify the pursuit of a sexual harassment claim or lawsuit
  • What courses of action, damages and remedies may be appropriate given the circumstances of what happened and the current employment status of the alleged victim

If you have been sexually harassed at work, we know how vulnerable you may feel and how important is to get discreet, reliable legal advice. Attorney Cornell’s experience covers the spectrum of complexities associated with these cases, including bringing forth evidence when there are no witnesses and asserting clients’ protections against firing or other forms of retaliation for reporting sexual harassment.

Let’s Find The Right Course Of Action

Filing a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) may be the right course of action. At our firm, however, we are adept at finding more timely, effective approaches when available — such as filing suit for the intentional personal injury a victim suffered due to fear of abuse or battery.

Sexual harassment law is constantly evolving. If you are a victim needing counsel aligned with your goals or an employer focused on defense and protection against sexual harassment claims, call 954-271-0554 to request a consultation today. We welcome inquiries and referrals from throughout Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and other area counties.