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Not everyone “lives for work,” but most people’s happiness and overall well-being are affected very directly by their working conditions and relationships with employers. Discrimination or sexual harassment on the job can make every day seem like a nightmare. An unjust, illegal firing could be one of the greatest setbacks you ever face. Signing a noncompete agreement without having a qualified lawyer review it could be a mistake you seriously regret.

On the other side of this equation, business leaders and companies face an imposing challenge as they strive to comply with ever-evolving federal and state employment laws governing employee rights. At Cornell & Associates PA in Broward County, Florida, we provide counsel and representation to both employees and employers based on founding attorney Ware Cornell’s 35-plus years of experience in negotiations and at trial in federal and state courts.

Decades Of Experience Seeking Justice For Wronged Employees And Advising Employers

Mr. Cornell’s outstanding credentials as a trial lawyer and reputation for integrity make our firm a premier resource for wide-ranging employment law concerns in the Fort Lauderdale and Miami metro areas and elsewhere in Florida, including those involving:

  • Sexual harassment allegations arising from unwanted touching, quid pro quo demands for sexual favors, tolerance of a hostile work environment or other circumstances
  • Race discrimination in the workplace, as well as employment discrimination based on national origin, gender, pregnancy or disability — and claims under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA)
  • Age discrimination, an area of rapidly increasing concern for workers over 40 and employers that must make sensitive decisions on hirings, firings, layoffs and cutbacks
  • The enforceability of noncompete agreements and other employment contracts, as well as disputes over these agreements that can lead to hard-fought litigation
  • Denials of employee rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), along with potentially wrongful termination in retaliation for exercising these rights

Act Now To Get The Legal Guidance And Protection You Need

Strict deadlines apply to many employment-related claims, so any delay in seeking legal advice can be costly. However, our Weston-based legal team is prepared to assess your situation even if you think such a deadline may have passed. To request a consultation, call 954-271-0554 or contact us by email.

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